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1996 camry

A: Car over 10 years old with a locked engine.
won’t get much, maybe sell it in parts if you can go through that

Q: Is there a governor I can put on my 1996 Camry?
My sons have lead feet. I’d like to reduce the probability of them getting speeding tickets or getting into an accident by installing a governor on the 1996 Camry I’m getting them. My trusty mechanic surprised me by saying he knew of nothing on the market. He’s gotta be wrong! Help!

A: Here is the best Governor,
Governor Mom & Dad,
Set the rules and the limits, cross the lines and you lose the PRIVELIDGE. Driving is not a right…Drive right or walk.
Set the limits..I did with 3 sons. OK one or two tickets and that was it. they had no more as they knew the car would turn into a pumpkin. By setting the limits you are making them safe drivers as well as letting them get the experience. If you can’t trust them before they drive, Make them earn the privelidge…Don’t think you have to supply the wheels…you don’t, you have a car…
Officer Dave,
I don’t want to visit your home with bad news…

Q: 1996 Toyota Camry V6 XLE starter problems?
I have a 1996 Camry, V6 XLE with about 175k miles on the clock. Recently when I started the car in the morning to go to work, the starter worked but it kept ‘clicking’ as the engine started. I was concerned so I turned the engine off, but the starter was still ‘clicking’. I had to take the key out of the ignition and disconnect the battery for the ‘clicking’ to stop. I recently bought a replacement starter, but I am wondering the cause of this problem as well as if there are any additional parts I may need to purchase to fix this problem. My boyfriend (an amateur mechanic) keeps telling me that I need to buy a new ignition switch or an igntition lock column. Every mechanic I have talked to over the phone says that I need a new starter, but I am not sure who to believe. Any ideas??

A: I had the same thing happen to me in a 1998 Suburban after I had bought a new battery for it. I didn’t think it was the starter or the solenoid because the clicking sound was coming from the steering column. It turned out to be the ignition lock cylinder, about $60.00 plus labor.

Q: How much would YOU pay for a 1996 Toyota Camry in excellent condition if you knew it had been in an accident?
I got hit in the parking lot, and it damaged the headlight and turning signal. It bent the front reinforcement bar, so the headlight doesn’t sit quite right, but the car is in otherwise excellent condition. Low miles(123,000), maintained at a toyota dealership, no smoking, perfect condition interior. It gets 24mpg in the city, and still has all the stock parts/not modified at all.

It is a 1996 Toyota Camry LE sedan

A: $700.00

Q: 1996 Camry LE 4 cyliner, clock and radio won’t turn on, everything else works fine?
I have a 1996 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder, just yesterday for some reason the clock and the radio both wont’ turn on anymore. The battery is working fine, I can turn on the car, turn on the light and all other stuff, just those two components (and the cigarette lighter adapter) that stopped turning on. Can anyone think of any reason why it’s doing that? Is it the fuse that might be burned out? Thanks

A: sounds like a fuse

Q: Why do I hear a loud bang noise from rear of my 1996 toyota camry on small bumps?
I’ve been hearing a loud banging noise every time my 1996 toyota camry hits even the smallest bump. The noise comes from rear side and it feels like my whole car pounds against the road? what can be the issue?

A: I’m no mechanic, I just play one on TV.

Sounds like the shocks are bad to me!

Q: 1996 toyota camry check engine light on and code is p0770?
I have 1996 toyota camry and the check engine light on with the code p0770 more then 6 months. It ran 100500 k miles. after viewing the forums I flushed the transmission fluid. But still the light is on. Please suggest me how I can get resolved this problem and where I can approach ?.
Yes the car is running good condition no issue. the problem is that i need to pass the emission test that I have to fix it.

A: Mad Jack is right about the “solenoid E malfunction”. i dont think he is right about a complete trans overhaul. Either one valve or one solenoid (E) is bad or plugged up. A good transmission tech should be able to drop the pan and get to the valve and solenoid pretty easy (there are several). check it, clean it or replace it. i think this is the valve that puts the trans into lock up mode over 50 mph. trans will still operate ok – it just wont go into full lock. If it locks up and wont unlock it couldnt shift or even move right. Beware that most trans shops dont really “work” on transmissions – they just want to flip in a rebuilt for a couple grand – that is all they know how to do. you have to find a real trans tech or look up the stuff yourself. if you get a service manual it is pretty staright forward.

Q: how much would it cost to replace cv boot on a 1996 toyota camry?
while putting in new break pads, my son noticed cv boot needed replacing. being lazy he put the new one on over the old one. is this as stupid as i think? how much will it cost for a mechanic to do it? 1996 toyota camry 4 cyl.

A: Probably around $300. Lots of labor involved. Let it go until the joint is trashed and have the whole axle replaced. Won’t cost much more. Maybe it will last until the rest of the car craps out with the split style boot on it.

Q: where can i get the gold “CAMRY” letters for the back of a 1996 toyota camry coupe?
I recently bought a 1996 Toyota Camry coupe that is missing the back letters on the trunk lid. Does anyone know where I can get these in gold?
I already called teh dealership and they told me that I have to buy the entire trunk lid, which would cost over $300.

A: I do not beleive they come in gold, but rather in chrome. There should be someone in your town to gold plate the emblems. This is what most dealerships do.

Q: Do 1996 Toyota Camry stock stereo have connection for amplifier?
I have a 2 channel amplifier and was wondering if i can connect it to a 1996 Toyota Camry stock stereo?

A: all you need is an RCA jack and the remote wire.
if you wanna keep the stock stereo just buy an adapter.

Q: How much does wiring job cost for a radio, clock, side mirrors on 1996 Toyota Camry cost?
I have a 1996 Toyota Camry LE and my son put a penny in the cigarette outlet when the car was off. The clock, radio, side mirrors(powered), and cig lighter are completely out. I’ve replaced all the 15’s and the one 20A fuses. And it still doesn’t work so now I’m thinking it’s a wiring problem. Anyone know of the cost for said job. Thank you ^_^

A: Pick up a Haynes or Chilton’s shop manual, then review the wiring diagram for that circuit. It is possible that it blew a fusible link, or a fuse you have not located. Very unlikely that the wiring is damaged, that’s what the fuses protect. An inexpensive Volt-ohm meter or 12V test light might prove handy.

Q: How do you change a headlight bulb in a 1996 Camry wagon?
I looked and it doesn’t look easy, like on one side it looks like you have to remove the battery? Am I looking in the wrong place. The replacement is a little bulb in a brown holder that is kind of J shaped. It is obvious that it is to plug in somewhere, but where? It can’t be that hard, can it? Help please

A: Some cars you do have to remove the battery to get at the bulb, just twist the old bulb off at the base and put the new one in, make sure you unplug the connector first by pressing a tab and then pulling it off

Q: I have a 1996 Camry, It will come on shake a liitle and then turn back off. Is is the EGR Valve?
Just replaced the fuel filter, used sea foam to clean it out and got a fuel pump around 2yrs ago. Does the EGR valve cause hestitation to start, a shaky engine and cut offs after being on for short periods of time?

A: That could be a sign the fuel pressure regulator is bad.

Fuel Pressure Regulator Failure Symptoms >>>
>Engine runs rough
>Engine stumbles or sputters
>Engine runs very rich – black smoke from the exhaust
>Engine will not start
>Engine starts but stalls shortly after startup
>Noisy fuel pump
>Noticeable decrease in fuel mileage

An easy way to test for an FPR leak in the vacuum side is to replace the vacuum line going into the FPR with a length of clear tubing. Now you’ll be able to see the leak as it happens. It will most likely show failure when your vacuum is at its lowest point, as in during acceleration.

Q: 1996 toyota camry.What kind of motor oil does it use?and how many qts does it use?
I just purchased a 1996 Toyota Camry without a Owner’s Manual.So i’m looking for informations regarding Motor Oil.What’s weight?Such as 5W-30,30W-40 or others.Thx.

A: I have a 93 and we use 10-30 and it takes 5 quarts, mine is a four cylinder.

Q: I have Toyota 1996 camry. I need to understand What is “Toyota Security” which is next to hand break
Does any one know the Mark “Toyota Security” which is next to hand break? What is the perpose for this?

A: I was about to ask the same question well dont know either and i do too have a 96 camry. but let me ask u somethin do u know why the break light wont go off. U know wen u use the handbreak theres some light that shows break. I think i pull the hanbreak once but put it back it messed up my breaks but now i fixed it and it still shows the break light. U dont know why?

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